Leadership Strategy and Tactics with Jocko Willink

Rita Roberts
11 months agoMay 8, 2020
Awesome***I enjoyed.  We should have every leader watch this video.
Thank you for your Service!!
11 months agoMay 8, 2020
Great tips
better than this
11 months agoMay 8, 2020
This guy is a Major douche..... please use other BETTER resources for motivation to the Beacon employees. I have little to NO respect for ego driven barbarians thinking they know how to give advice.
11 months agoMay 9, 2020
I know Jocko, and ego driven would be the antithesis of who he is. Before you call
11 months agoMay 9, 2020
Finishing the comment.  Before you call him names or discredit him.  I would take a solid look at your own ego to analyze why you fee this strongly opposed to fundamental leadership principles that have been around for thousands of years.  Humility, discipline, and respect of others are some of the primary components of true leadership.
Susan Seaholm
11 months agoMay 15, 2020
Fantastic motivational speaker.  Great message, and nice peek into what our service people go through.  Thank you for your service!
Zack Stark
11 months agoMay 18, 2020
Thanks for putting this together Beacon team! I've been following Jocko for quite sometime. He has a great podcast/youtube and Extreme Ownership and Dichotomy of Leadership are both great reads. Highly recommend them if you haven't checked them out.
Ed Sierra
2 months agoJanuary 29, 2021
Right on the money. Leadership takes on many forms and strategies but the key like Jocko said is to be humble, adapt to change, be prepared to get the job done. Thanks Beacon for investing on developing everyone on your team.
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